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    Magic Swordmaster lvl 24 build

    Hi guys,
    I am lvl 21 and still have my skill reset. I was wondering what would be the optimal skill build for pvp as a magic SM?

    So far I have this lined up:

    I have 55 sp left and I am not sure what other skills are necessary for pvp such as kicks.

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    I do not get why you put anything into parry. In PvP I feel that you should constantly be looking for openings and attacks, you have a get out of a juggle but what do I know? I also don't like Rising slash being that leveled up. I feel it's really only there at 5 for Moon Light Splitter. Mind you this is "theory" so in practice it can be completely different. If you can parry while being juggled then it might be worth to throw points into it.

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