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    Login Roll Call Event

    Greetings, Adventurers!

    Between running dungeons and battling each other in PvP, we know you’re giving us your all in Dragon Nest. Now, we think it’s time you got something back. How does free stuff simply for logging in sound?

    Sound off for the Login Roll Call Event!

    Event Date

    September 16 - September 27

    How to Participate

    Log in every day during the event period and reach milestones to earn rewards. You may log in with multiple characters and each will receive the rewards!

    Note: Level 1 characters are not eligible.


    · Daily Login Prize: Five Crude Onyxes
    · Five Day Login Milestone Prize: 10 Small Octagonal Waters
    · Ten Day Login Milestone Prize: Adventurer's Bag (5 slots) and Extra Storage (5 slots)

    Note: Days do not have to be consecutive to count towards the milestones.

    Login every day of the event and you’ll earn 60 Crude Onyxes, 10 Small Octagonal Waters, Adventurer's Bag (5 slots) and Extra Storage (5 slots) just for being there!

    Rewards will be distributed to all eligible characters once the event period ends.

    Log in and win!

    -The Dragon Nest Team-
    Not sure if you guys knew about this yet or not because no one's talked about it here. This should help some of you out

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    Oh, it definitely will be! Enhancing my post 16 gear is going veeerrryyy slllooowwwlllyyy because I can only turn up so much crude onyx at a time and of course marketplace prices are impossible thanks to goldselling parasites.

    Only drawback is no rewards until the event ends.

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    oh I don't care cause I'm gonna post like MAD.
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